#mqnv2016 Talk from Katharina Gillmann – “Unleashing Mobile”@XING_DE – The consequences of a shifting priority…

“Unleashing Mobile” – The consequences of a shifting priority within software development

Mobile website use has been growing constantly over the last few years. This continual shift in use case priority means that software companies are also having to rethink things in order to keep pace with this trend. XING started to change its processes three years ago by bringing the “Unleashing Mobile” concept to the development process. In doing so, the entire process was revised, starting with changes to web design thinking and building native apps either ahead of or at the same time as the web. This talk will run through the current practise at XING using examples to show how things are done.


Katharina Gillmann started her career as a medical software student. She currently works as a Senior Software Test Engineer at XING, where she always aims to ensure that the XING products maintain their high quality. Her passion for testing is focused on mobile, especially the iOS platform. She loves to find crazy bugs that nobody would ever expect to come across.
Due to her curiosity for all things new, in 2013 Katharina took part in the precursor to the STWC and won it with her team. The following year she participated again, but this time as one of the global judges. https://www.xing.com/profile/Katharina_Gillmann?sc_o=mxb_p


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